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Microsoft SQL Server Conversion Services   Microsoft SQL Server Conversion Services by DB-Pros, Inc.

While it may not be as well-known as Word or Excel, Microsoft SQL Server is no less a vital and powerful application for both the home and business software user.

Oracle has long held a top position in the enterprise database solution market, but SQL Server has made dramatic gains in the market and is increasingly being selected by businesses as the database solution of choice. SQL Server is great for managing all types of business databases (Microsoft uses it to manage all of its Hotmail services), and is an excellent choice for intranet, internet and web-based data environments.

Microsoft's commitment to SQL Server has been affirmed by the comprehensive, convenient, and powerful features that have been built into the latest versions of the SQL Server software.

Security, reporting services, database mail integration, business intelligence and analytics features are now all built into the SQL Server software, providing a full array of extremely useful and reliable database tools. The features are all immediately available to the user of a SQL Server database.

So how do you convert your non-SQL Server database to the SQL Server platform?

SQL Server provides several database upgrade and migration wizards which can import your data into SQL Server. However, these utilities only look at your data from a linear perspective, and while they can be a good start, they simply do not have the intelligence built into them to apply proper database integrity and optimization logic to your data.

DB-Pros has over a decade of experience converting databases to the SQL Server platform. Whether you are using MS Access, FoxPro, dBase, MySQL, Btrieve or any other database system, DB-Pros has the experience and expertise to properly convert your database to the SQL Server format. Your data will be migrated fully intact, and will be ready to take advantage of the many exciting features built into SQL Server. Are you ready to start getting the most out of your data?

Contact us today to discuss all of your SQL Server conversion and migration needs.

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