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MS Access Database Corruption Repair   MS Access Database Corruption Repair by DB-Pros, Inc.

The Microsft Access database platform is a reliable and dependable RDBMS database management system. The software was a major step forward from the file-based database programs of the 80's such as dBase, Clipper, Fox Pro and the like. Access is well-suited for multi user environments and supports the full range of transactional database processes.

Access database corruption can and does happen -- but it is not due to any deficiency in the Access software itself. Rather, Access corruption is almost always due to poor database design. It may sound trite, but the act of building a good database is akin to building a solid house. Like a home, the Access database must possess a strong and well-balanced foundation. This can only be achieved by using dependable building materials as the stones and concrete. In database terms, this means selecting the appropriate data types, applying proper indexing, and using proven data integrity techinques when creating when developing the database foundational structure.

To further the analogy, the builder must know understand the conditions the structure will face, and build in appropriate protection from both day-to-day use and extreme elements.

Just as anyone can pick up a hammer and nails and slap together some wood, so too can a computer user put together some database tables and queries and reports. But to expect such a structure to display longevity and reliability would be a misjudgement.

Sometimes this situation is the result of insufficient planning, sometimes it is due to poor technical craftsmanship. Perhaps the scope of the project changed during its development. Or perhaps the database vendor's skills were not a good fit for the needs of the project.

Whatever the reason, there is good news. Just as you wouldn't tear down a whole house because it needed repairs, neither is it necessary to scrap an existing MS Access database just because it has some issues. Of course, there are exceptions to this, but in the majority of cases, the appropriate attention from a skilled professional can often be all that is needed.

An Access database that is frequently becoming corrupt is an indication that there is a problem in its design. Well-built database applications and systems simply should not be corrupting. The root cause of these issues can vary -- it could be anything from bad code, to incorrect table architecture, to improper data access methods. It is the job of an experienced Microsoft Access database professional to efficiently identify the cause of the problem and take the appropriate actions to resolve it.

There are truly a myriad things that can go wrong with an Access application. But there are very few remedies that will truly correct a problematic Access database at its root level. While the "compact and repair" database utility built into Access may temporarily fix a corrupted database, and allow it to be used, it merely applies some standard data clean-up routines to the files, and does nothing to address the true cause of corruption.

If your Access database is experiencing frequent corruption issues, you should seriously consider contacting a database professional to correct the underlying problem. A database professional with expert technical and analytical skills will be able to quickly isolate, identify and correct the issue that is causing database corruption -- and prevent it from happening again.

You depend on your MS Access database to run your business. You can depend on DB-Pros to repair your Access database so that you can put your focus back on your business.

Please contact us today to eliminate Access database corruption properly, once and for all.

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